Aperture Product Lineup

From quality sash and frame materials, glass and Low-E coatings, gas fills and spacer systems, a well constructed window is engineered to keep your homes temperature comfortable all year-round.

Aperture Collection

With a full lineup of windows and door that are designed to fit any home project, anything is possible! Everything we make is custom and made to order.

Performance Features

High-performance, double hung window that can meet ENERGY STAR® requirements, includes a durable locking system and more:

  • 1. Interlock – Sits flush when locked into place providing best-in-class air seal and improved security.
  • 2. AnchorTite Weather Stripping – provides an air leakage rate as low as .04cfm/sf, among the lowest in the industry.
  • 3. TrueSight – Top and bottom sashes are equal in glass area, ensuring the look of a traditional wood window, allowing for improved exterior views.
  • 4. Proprietary Sill Dam – Sloped sill with i-beam reinforcement for added water protection, drainage, and structural integrity.
  • 5. Autolock – Aperture Double Hung windows come with an autolock as a standard feature. No more wondering if your windows are securely locked or not.

Reliance Spacer System

Technology that Enhances Performance

A spacer keeps a window’s glass panes the correct distance apart. In some windows, the spacer can be conductive, allowing valuable energy to escape. Our Reliance Spacer System reduces conductivity by 45% by eliminating metal components, allowing our products to maintain optimal thermal performance.

Aperture hung windows include a one of the tighest interlocks on the market. A full interlock system at the meeting rail improves security while several contact points of weather-stripping reduce air infiltration. Paired with our AnchorTite Weather Stripping and the Reliance Spacer System, your window will stay up to 21 degrees warmer.

All Aperture products can be designed to meet ENERGY STAR requirements. This means, whatever Mother Nature throws at you, your home will be prepared!

Independently Tested and Certified

You can rest assured the quality of our products is top notch - down to the last detail.

Aperture products are AAMA Gold Label Certified, NFRC Certified and ENERGY STAR compliant. AAMA is an independent testing organization that sets standards on performance and quality for the window industry. This certification program requires that every part used in the finished unit, pass a series of stringent performance tests.

We've got the best warranty in the window business

Covers all components, glass and paint for 20 years, and includes a 5 year labor warranty.

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The Clear Choice

Window replacement doesn’t have to be difficult. Aperture Window Collection offers the style, energy efficiency and customization you need to improve the appearance, performance and resale value of your home. From window selection to installation, you can receive help for it all in one click by contacting an Aperture Contractor today.